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Troy K. Vigil, CPA P.C. - Managing partner

As Managing Partner of Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC, Troy Vigil leads and oversees all operations of the firm. Prior to his current role, Troy served as founder and president of Troy K. Vigil, CPAs, an accounting firm operating in Denver and California.

Troy’s experience in taxes and accounting began after graduating from Colorado State University Pueblo with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, when he started his career at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a Revenue Agent. His time at the IRS was spent auditing small business owners, self-employed taxpayers, and individual wage earners. After his career working inside the IRS, Troy transitioned to representing taxpayers rather than the IRS. He became a Certified Public Accountant in January 2008 and has been preparing tax returns and representing taxpayers since.

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Brian Vigil - Tax Director

Brian Vigil serves as Tax Manager at Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC where he leads accounting and tax operations in the Palm Desert region. In addition to helping clients work towards tax and accounting solutions, Brian oversees tax resolution and compliance operations for the company. 

Brian Vigil, along with his brother Troy Vigil, found the accounting and tax firm, Troy K. Vigil, CPA in 2010 – a company he and Troy grew over ten years to serve thousands of clients across Denver and Palm Desert.  A natural-born entrepreneur, Brian finds passion in helping individuals and businesses find strategies to decrease their tax liabilities while pursuing his own personal real estate endeavors.

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Yolanda Servantez Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC

Yolanda Servantez - Tax Manager

Yolanda Servantez serves as Tax Manager at Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC where she helps clients find tailored solutions to their accounting and tax needs. With over twenty years of experience in public accounting, Yolanda holds expertise across various disciplines in accounting services, from bookkeeping to payroll, or tax preparation to business management. Her knowledge and flexibility allow her to approach challenging and unique tax situations with a resourceful focus. When she’s not busy connecting with clients, you can find her off on her search for the best coffee shop in town.

Jessica Zell, CPA - Tax Manager

Jessica Zell serves as Tax Manager at Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC where she offers focused solutions involving business and individual tax returns as well as tax planning. Jessica has found her career passion in navigating clients through ever-changing tax laws – helping them reduce their tax liabilities and find opportunities for tax-savings. With over twenty years working in the accounting and tax field, Jessica boasts a versatile skillset and expertise spanning varying businesses and tax situations. When she isn’t helping clients she can be found walking 5ks for non-profits and traveling with her family.

Jessica Zell Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC
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